DIY ProjectsHow To Decoupage A Photo To A Dresser

How To Decoupage A Photo To A Dresser

Make a dresser special by learning how to decoupage a photo to it. This would be really nice for a childs room. To take a dresser and put their photo on it would be pretty neat. Or make one for a grandmother with the grandkids photo on it.

How To Decoupage A Photo To A Dresser
Photo by Chris Smith from The Mill at Gibsonville in North Carolina

You can do with by following this tutorial from American Paint Company. This one was done as a gift to a university graduate and it of his grandfather, who the graduate was named after. I can imagine this was a super special gift to him, and something to be treasured and possibly passed down to the next Cooper in the family some day.

This is such a neat way to decorate a dresser and to keep the person or person in the picture in view of the person the piece is made for. You can see all the steps of creating your own special piece on American Paint Company. You will need a dresser, paints, Mod podge sandpaper or block and sealer. You will end up with a treasure.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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