Food DehydratingDehydrating Garden Fresh Green Onions

Dehydrating Garden Fresh Green Onions

This step by step tutorial of dehydrating garden fresh green onions is a frugal way to create long term food storage. Did you have a large crop of green onions or find a great grocery store sale ? This is one of the easiest ways to preserve them for later use in casseroles, savory breads, soups and everyday dinner recipes.

Many people these days have discovered the many health benefits associated with storing fresh fruits and vegetables. Dried fruits make really good, nutritious snacks for hiking and long drives. Dried vegetables can be used just like they were fresh by adding them to soups, dressings and other dishes.

By using one of the many consumer grade dehydrators on the market, you can prepare and store jars full of dried green onions. Then you can pull out the jar when you are ready to use them in your favorite recipes. One reason drying is so popular is because it seals in the nutrients during the drying process and releases it while cooking.

Getting the best results out of drying foods usually comes down to ensuring you are preparing them for drying. This is definitely true for Green Onions and having the step by step process will make it much easier for you.

Benefits of Dehydrating Green Onions

● Dehydrating of fresh vegetables like green onions locks in nutrients
● Drying fresh vegetables also cuts down on needed storage space
● Consumer grade dehydrators are readily available and easy to use
● Preparing the green onions for drying is fairly easy

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Dehydrating Garden Fresh Green Onions
Dehydrating Garden Fresh Green Onions


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