RecipesDelicious Cranberry Fluff As A Side Or Dessert

Delicious Cranberry Fluff As A Side Or Dessert

This Thanksgiving add some more healthy cranberries to the meal with this delicious cranberry fluff as a side or dessert, either way it will be a winner. Made with fresh or frozen cranberries it also has pineapple, marshmallows and walnuts.

Delicious Cranberry Fluff As A Side Or Dessert

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Then it is mixed with real whipped cream and while you can serve it with dinner as a side salad it is also really good later for a dessert. I make this sometime with a roast chicken dinner. We have the chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes and a vegetable and then this on the side. We also always go back for this later for dessert, it is so good you just want more. Good Dinner Mom shares the recipe and says you can use other berries in place of the cranberries but I don’t, cranberries are very good for you so I like to use them in this recipe.

It really does have a better flavor if you make it the day before and leave it in the fridge to let the flavors marry. The time is well spent because the flavor is perfect after a day. Even kids like this because it looks more like a dessert.


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