Raising LivestockDetermining Gender in Baby Chickens

Determining Gender in Baby Chickens

This step by step tutorial in determining gender in baby chickens can help separate yet to grow up hens and roosters from each other. It does not HURT the baby chickens (chicks) to be examined to determine the gender of their sex, so please do not become upset.

There is something fascinating and exciting for homesteaders to pick up their first batch of young chicks. Whether we are talking about people that have grown up on a farm and have been around them all their lives. They look so cute with their soft, down feathers and cute little chirping.

Determining Gender in Baby Chickens

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On the homestead, many homesteaders are beginning to learn everything about raising chickens. They learn about the difference between chickens that are raised for eggs and the ones that are raised to be eaten. The ones for egg production are raised in coup and all of the hens (females) are put in nesting boxes inside the coop to lay eggs.

Benefits of Determining Sex in Chicks

● Eliminates the need for waiting for weeks for to tell the sex of the chick

● Teaches multiple proven methods of determining the sex of a day old chick

● Each method discussed gives a better than 50/50 chance of being correct

● Provides much more reliable methods

Click here to read about the technique for determining gender in baby chickens:


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