DIY Ideas Converting Attic to Bedroom While Maximizing Space


If you have an attic that you would like to convert into a bedroom and it has those slanted ceilings this  list of ideas will help maximize that space.

DIY Ideas Converting Attic to Bedroom While Maximizing Space

First off I love this diy idea. Found on Pinterest so there are no instructions but if you are handy the picture is probably enough to get you going on this project.

I really like this idea. Since the dresser is built inside the wall it is taking up none of the precious floor space of the room.  From..

This one is pretty cool in the fact that they managed to get four beds in half the space which left the other half for gaming,  playing, watching tv or if for older kids maybe even a desk for study.  From...

This one is a great closet space under the slant so it uses otherwise wasted space but provides both hanging. space and a couple of shelves. From..×1024.jpg

This one is nice for someone with a lot of clothing. All hanging under the slant so again uses otherwise wasted space. From…

While most of these don’t have instructions, they can give you an idea and most could be done by someone with handy man or woman experience. These are some great ideas to help utilize the attic as a bedroom by maximizing the limited space available.