DIY Mini Metal Foundry

Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

See how to make this diy mini metal foundry that you can use to melt scrap metal and pop cans and then use the melted metal to make things with. In the video by King Of Random you see how he takes a steel bucket and some sand, cement mix and water and creates the fire chamber for his foundry.

DIY Mini Metal Foundry
Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

Once you create the foundry you can use it right in the back yard. He also spray painted the steel bucket a nice color and when the foundry is not in use he shows how you can put a flower pot in it and hide the ugly interior. This is a neat little diy project and sine it is a small foundry it won’t take up the whole back yard but you can still have some fun with melting those aluminum pop cans down and casting them into something new, Kids might be interested to see how this works as well. With parental supervision of course. This diy mini metal foundry cost about 20 dollars to make.