DIY Can Organizer Rotater Dispenser Food Storage Project – Frugal


 This is a thrifty way to make to repurpose the cardboard packaging from a 12 pack case of soda pop into a canned food organizer rotating dispenser.
A can of soda pop is 12 ounces is almost the same size of a regular canned itemsFor example: can of  soup is 10 3/4 ounces and a can of green beans is commonly 14 ounces but will fit into the cardboard case that once held soda pop cans therefore making a cheap easy way to expand your food storage in a compact manner.


They can be filled and stacked upon each other to maximize your shelf space.

If you do not drink soda pop, check your local recycling bins or just ask your local stores if they have any in the back.


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