DIY ProjectsHomemade Copper Water Wall Fountain DIY Project

Homemade Copper Water Wall Fountain DIY Project

This homemade copper water wall fountain DIY project is highly detailed in this step by step tutorial for inspired homesteaders. No backyard relaxing garden space would be complete without some sort of water feature. The project can be accomplished using materials that can easily be obtained from a local supply store and do not require a lot of skill to be able to follow the instructions.

The result will be an amazing water wall that will impress all of your friends and won’t break the bank.

Homemade Copper Water Wall Fountain DIY Project

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Backyard remodeling has become very popular these days with more and more people wanting to do more outside entertaining. Whether you chose a pond or a waterfall of some kind, your guests will be impressed no matter what you come up with. Professional remodelers cost a whole lot of money to construct elaborate water features, but with a Do It Yourself project like this one you can easily build your own water wall.

● Create an ultra cool outdoor water feature that is sure to impress everyone

● Project includes a complete list of all the materials, supplies and tools needed

● Includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● Has several full color photos and diagrams that depict several steps of the project

Tools and supplies needed:

1. Propane Blow Torch
2. 1/2″ copper pipe cut at 30″ for the legs
3. 1/2″ copper pipe cut at 16″ for the cross bars
4. 1/2″ copper pipe cut at 40″ for the side bars
5. (2) 1/2″ copper 90 degree elbows and (2) 1/2″ copper T-Joints
6. plumber’s cloth
7. fitting cleaning brush
8. pipe cutter
9. solder flux
10. solder
11. 30″ plastic window box liner
12. 30 GPH fountain pond pump
13. bag of 1/2″ copper tube straps
14. 10′ coil of 3/8″ copper refrigeration tube

Other materials not shown:

-5/8″ piece of plywood cut to appropriate size
-pipe bender
-1/2″ stainless steel screws
-plumbers dope
-1′ of 3/8″ ID (inner diameter) rubber flex tube
-large sheet of cardboard or soft cloth (to protect the copper foil)
-2′ x 4′ piece of 5 mil copper foil – purchased from Nimrod Hall Copper Company via Ebay

Click here to read about how to make homemade copper water wall fountain DIY project:

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