DIY ProjectsDIY Project: How to Build Your Own Elven PVC Horse Bow

DIY Project: How to Build Your Own Elven PVC Horse Bow

With these videos you can see how to make your own Hobbit inspired Elven pvc horse bow. The bow and arrow are one of the oldest known weapons and they are used extensively in movies. In the Hobbit for example, the Elves can be seen expertly using a bow and arrow in a number of battle scenes. The DIY project was designed to introduce the viewer to the Elven Horse Bow and shows how easy it can be to make one from PVC pipe.

DIY Project: How to Build Your Own Elven PVC Horse Bow
This Do It Yourself project was created, posted and shared on Backyard Bower. The video format is the perfect way to present this type of information, it provides not only a simple to follow instructions, but it also shows all of the stuff that is needed to make it as well. Being able to visually demonstrate the steps that will followed makes it much more likely you will get it right.

Benefits of viewing the DIY Project: How to Build Your Own Elven PVC Horse Bow

Learn how to make your own replica Elven bow that was used extensively in the Hobbit.
The video based project includes a complete list of all the necessary materials, supplies and tools.
It also includes an easy to follow step by step instructions on how to make it.
The video format makes it nearly impossible to make a mistake.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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