DIY ProjectsFairy Lights Concrete Lamp DIY Project

Fairy Lights Concrete Lamp DIY Project

Fairy lights concrete lamp diy project is really simple and looks so amazing…. let’s get started.

Who doesn’t love to have a project in the home that everyone thinks is beautiful and you get to say that you did it yourself? Well here is one idea that you can do yourself. It’s super pretty with the tiny lights and adds a beautiful ambiance to any room, or even the table outside.

Fairy Lights Concrete Lamp DIY Project

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It’s one of the best moments of a creative homeowners life because then they know that their work actually stands out and works well for the home (plus it gives them a boost of their creative skill set to keep going).

What You will Need?

Well you’ll need the LED string lights, felts sheet, cement for a large vase, drill bits, spray paint, and a random tree branch. Not much right? From there you can get to work.

What do I do?

You’ll need to create a cylindrical shape which you can do with a cup (you don’t even need anything fancy). For the next portion you will need to make the base which has to be the size of the vase. See the complete step 2. Now once you have poured the base you’ll have to let it harden for a few days. Nice time to relax and reflect on where you are going to put it.

Next you will find the perfect tree branch for inside and you can make it whatever color you want from pink, to red, to black, to purple. You just spray paint it. This is the same with the lights, you can easily get LED lights in any color now so you are making it all yours and unique.

After that you will need to do some drilling so that you can get the lights in the vase. This is probably the most technical part other than the pouring of the concrete, but it shouldn’t be too hard if you know how to use a hand drill.

Once that’s complete, you get the lights in there, put the branch in there, place it on the concrete, and voila! You’re done. The felt pads that were requested are for the bottom of the concrete so that you don’t ruin the surface that you place it on.

It’s really such an easy project. All in all there are seven steps, and anyone that is handy with a drill can do it. Plus, even though in the directions they use white lights, and a black branch., you can make it unique to you. You can even get different paints and paint the vase, make it stained glass, personalize it, etc. There are so many options.

If you are looking for a unique light for your home, this should definitely be the way to go.

Now this was the pared down, here is what you are going to need to do instructions. For the full things as well as amazing photographs of the work being done (so you know exactly what you are looking for), you can check it out.

Click here to read about how to make fairy lights concrete lamp diy project:


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