Build ItFeed The Twins At The Same Time With A DIY Leaf For...

Feed The Twins At The Same Time With A DIY Leaf For Your Table

         If you have twin babies this is a neat way to add a diy leaf to your table that you have installed two seat in so that you can feed the babies at the same time and not have two high chairs taking up the whole room. There is another twin high chair where the cut the holes for the seats into a small existing table so if you would rather do that you can see a picture of it when you click-through to this one.

          I like this diy leaf better though because it brings the kids to the table with every body else. A great way to feed them at the same time and make them a par of meal time with the family. Sleighbedguy shares the tutorial on Instructabes and while you may not get an exact match to your table, it is only temporary. In just a couple of years the babies will graduate to booster seats and you can take the leaf out . If you want to take the twins biking you might also like A Bicycle Built For Twins. I had three girls but none of mine were twins. I can’t even imagine and all I can say to parents of twins is you have been doubly blessed.



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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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