ChickensFrugal Chicken Tractor Plans DIY Project

Frugal Chicken Tractor Plans DIY Project

This Frugal Chicken Tractor Plans DIY Project is simple to build and creates a safe way for your chickens to enjoy fresh grass and a buffet of insects.

Frugal Chicken Tractor Plans DIY Project

Chicken tractors are a mobile, and healthy alternative to training poultry. They are well secured, allowing the chickens’ access to sunlight and fresh air – while giving enough roomto forage the ground below for food.

The tractors are built to be strong and heavy – in case of strong winds or large predators. Due to its weight, it needs to be pulled by an off-road utility vehicle, moving the chickens together with the tractor anywhere – for them to forage.

It is designed to make simple tasks simpler – egg gathering and clearing can easily be done from the rear unit of the tractor accessed by raising a flap. The tractor is designed with welded wires in open areas to serve as protection from predators and to keep the birds confined.

The shelter is well ventilated with two windows across its sides to provide fresh air, and a flap that can be lowered to protect against the weather. Its roof is sloped to the rear to shed off rain water.

The parts for construction range from lumber of different sizes, to the roofing sheet – used to construct the main structure, and hinges, screws, handles amidst others – for the assembly of the structure. Accompanied by a detailed blue-print of its construction details from the first lumber to attaching the roof sheet, and finally till the final assembly of all the hinges and door handles.

This serves as an alternative to training poultry in confinement buildings, allowing the chickens still live freely in a secured, confined space.

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