ChickensInsulated Chicken Coop For Below Freezing Temperatures

Insulated Chicken Coop For Below Freezing Temperatures

Insulated chicken coops for below freezing temperatures on the Homestead can help create a dry draft free coop which is especially important in areas that have below freezing temperatures in the winter.

Insulated Chicken Coops For Below Freezing Temperatures

Many people do not understand that just the cold alone does not cause frostbite that easily in your chickens. It is the moisture that will cause frostbite combined with the cold. This is why the chicken coop should be insulated so that the cold air from the outside that hits the roof will not cause moisture when it comes in contact with the warm air inside the coop.

This can sometimes cause so much moisture it can be dripping on your chickens or the floorboards. This can cause your bedding to be soaked and cause your chickens to be sick.

You will notice that once you install your insulation, preferences to insulation are the silver heat reflective roll, that the temperature will fluctuate. This is something you will need to keep an eye on. Even though there is ventilation, just keep an eye on this. Your litter will not have to be changed as often, however, and your chickens will not be getting sick nearly as often if at all from frostbite.

Not only is this a great solution for your chickens, it is not even that expensive. You can protect your coop from getting frostbite permanently for less than $100. It is a great way to save your little chickens from getting sick. It is an inexpensive do it yourself project which helps save your chickens during the cold weather.

When you install this it will help protect your chickens, keep you from getting dripped on, protect your coop from getting moldy, and wrecked. It is important that you understand that not only are you helping your chickens, you are also helping their living conditions, and also keeping the coop in good shape.

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