ChickensFunctional Chicken Coop with Flair Project

Functional Chicken Coop with Flair Project

This Functional Chicken Coop with Flair Project is all about creating a safe place to house your chickens plus adding your personal style.

I am sure that if you have some feathered friends or plan on having some in the new future, you have also considered where and how to house them.

Feathered friends of any shapes and size need a special place to rest at night and be protected from all predators. Especially, the little ones that prefer the outdoors. There is no reason why their little home cannot be a delight to the eye.

Be sure to take the natural elements into consideration before building the coop. Make sure there is plenty of shade and protection from wind, but with enough sun for the chickens to enjoy.

Should you live in a predator prone area, it is advisable to leave a huge sandy area around the coup. This way, you can identify the predator you are dealing with, and also check for weakness in your coup that they might be able to access.

Yes, it is a coop but that does not mean it has to look like one. You can decorate it anyway you, please. For example, you can use old picture frames for doors, or hang netting on the outside to give a really glamorous look. Also, ensure that there are enough doors or access areas. You will need one for cleaning, an access hatch to allow you to collect eggs and one for general access.

To make a chicken coop pretty and functional is not hard work. You need a little imagination and some recycled goods and your feathered beauties will have a place worthy to call home. Little signs, a splash of paint and bric a brac you have laying about will make your coop looking amazing.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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