GardeningGarden Crops to Grow in a Small Homesteading Garden

Garden Crops to Grow in a Small Homesteading Garden

Here is a list of garden crops to grow in a small homesteading garden give homesteaders with limited growing space good options. While fresh produce is the healthiest, unless you know everything about where it is grown, you cannot really be sure how safe it actually is. Pesticides and other chemicals are frequently used to enhance produce and fight harmful insect infestations. The ONLY WAY to be 100% safe is to grow the vegetables in your own personal garden.

Garden Crops to Grow in a Small Homesteading Garden

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For many people the closest they get to fresh vegetables is the local market or grocery store and there really is no telling how fresh the produce really is. But with even a small portion of land, growing food is possible.

Even if you don’t have a large backyard that is big enough for a big garden, you can maximize the space you do have and use one or both of the planting methods described in this article. By using the methods, you will be able take advantage of many of the 20 some crops listed in the article.

● The article describes the best crops to grow in smallest of spaces

● Crops included on the list based on their ability to fit two planting methods

● All of the crops fit into four categories; herbs, root crops, Asian Greens, onions, salad greens and peas

Click here to read about what garden crops to grow in a small homesteading garden:

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Melissa Francis
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