ChickensGeneral Chicken Coop Cleaning And Ventilation Tips

General Chicken Coop Cleaning And Ventilation Tips

These General Chicken Coop Cleaning And Ventilation Tips will help keeping your chicken flock healthy and producing many eggs. A clean chicken coop goes a long way towards preventing many chicken illnesses and diseases.

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An essential part of hygiene is giving the coop proper ventilation. With plenty of space inside them, air can be vented through the space and outward. For more smaller chicken coops, vents will need to be built on top of the coop and can be closed when winter comes. It is just like house window ventilation to keep the heat inside. Here is a homemade design which uses plexiglass and hardware cloth to protect chickens against the weather. This allows good air to come in and out and not leave a foul odor inside the coop.

First, have the coop constructed in a way that the panels can be removed easily to inspect the walls for damage by pests. Another option is to caulk any cracks and seams. Then, put in a no-pest strip which is made of wax and hang it along the roof, catching any fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and ticks. Hygiene with chickens is a lot like the need to wash your hands because you are handling livestock. Isolate sick chickens from healthy ones, and if it has to be disposed, use gloves and disinfectant and keep it away from the rest of them.

As much as anything is the cleaning of chicken droppings because of its bacteria that spreads disease around. Safely remove the chickens from chicken coop and into chicken run while you go inside to clean. Scoop it out and wash it downed while wearing a dust mask.

Cleaning products include rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar, iodine, water, and lotion.

Finally, store chicken feed safely as well to protect them from any pests who could chew through the bag. Don’t waste good feed because of a lack of food control.

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