Build ItOff Grid Dasher Washing Machine Video

Off Grid Dasher Washing Machine Video

photo credit - Misty Prepper
photo credit – Misty Prepper

I researched what Misty was talking about in the video …. yes, a brand new hand washing tub was 499.00$ at Leman’s but  they are out of stock.

No, they are not restocking them so your only option is to make one yourself if you want this off the grid manual washing machine.

I wanted to thank Misty & her husband for making this video and sharing with the world their design and their insight of how to improve it.
I truly feel as if I came across a nugget of old time wisdom that was on the verge of being lost forever and it was only through the kindness of Misty & husband that saved it.

Here are some other options for off the grid clothes washing that makes the Dasher Washer look like very desirable.

You can find more of Misty Preppers videos here:


photo credit - prepper ideas
photo credit – prepper ideas

Laundry day without electricity




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Melissa Francis
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