Food Storage & SkillsGuide to Gluten Free Flours that Taste Great

Guide to Gluten Free Flours that Taste Great

This guide to gluten free flours that taste great and will make baking enjoyable again. A good tip if you do need to substitute a gluten free flour is to use a flour of similar properties and weight. For example, tapioca flour may substitute okay for arrowroot flour.

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Recent studies have shown that using white and wheat flour can cause certain side effects which are not good for the health. Most of these flours are bleached and they contain gluten which is responsible for causing allergy to so many people.

But do you know that you can go gluten-free with baking flours and cooking flours? Apart from being all-natural, these flours are also known to be great-tasting. As a matter of fact, these flours have been used for thousands of years.

In order to get the best possible result, gluten free or wheat free recipe will have to be carefully formulated so as to be able to achieve the best possible result. Basically, flour substitutes are used to make this happen. For instance, arrowroot flour can be used to substitute for tapioca flour. As a matter of fact, it is best to use a flour of similar weight and properties to substitute a gluten free flour.

Gluten-free flours include rice flour, oat flour, sprouted flour, basic gluten-free flour, coconut flour and more. The following flours are alternatives to rye, barley and wheat flours.

– Maize flour …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Lupin flour …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Cornmeal …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Hemp flour …(Buy Here from Amazon)

– Chia flour …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Buckwheat flour …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Banana flour …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Arrowroot flour …(Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Amaranth flour… (Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Pumpkin Flour … (Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Oat Flour …. (Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Rice Flour …. (Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Sorghum Flour …. (Buy Here from Amazon) 

– Teff Flour …. (Buy Here from Amazon) 

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