Food Storage & SkillsOven Canning to Preserve Dry Goods Food Storage

Oven Canning to Preserve Dry Goods Food Storage

The method of oven canning to preserve dry goods food storage is an old fashioned method to heat up the lid glue to create a proper seal.

Oven Canning to Preserve Dry Goods Food Storage

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Instead of wasting food, people stick them in jars and store safely. One way is to jar them and, using the oven, suck up all of the moisture inside to make the food dry. Canners don’t recommend oven canning because it could explode and it could raise the risk of bacteria being formed. Experts have said the jars are not sustainable in the heat and it won’t sterilize the jars compared to boiling them in water. But, there is a way to do this safely to minimize those risks.

Start by getting a canning funnel to pour dry goods through to clean jars, where they are already sitting on baking sheet. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees. Then, when it gets there, put the baking sheet of jars inside for one hour without the lids on. Use those lids to place in boiling water in order to soften up the sealing. Remove the jars when the hour is up, dry off the lids, and spin it on top until it’s tightly secured. Notice the popping sound when the lid is in place – it’s safe.

You will need:

Dry goods – flour, cornmeal, etc.

Clean, dry, and sterile mason jars

Canning funnel

New mason jar lids

Mason jar rings

Cookie sheet or a baking pan

Oven thermometer


Pot of boiling water



Label the jars of what is inside of them and store safely. Oven canning is very, but make sure the lids and rings are super dry when putting them on. It’s a little tricky to do that after having in boiling water, but it can be dried up to suck out all moisture. This is better than storing them in the freezer or dry vacuuming it.

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