DessertsHomemade Brandy Snaps With Or Without Brandy Recipe

Homemade Brandy Snaps With Or Without Brandy Recipe

Next time you will be having company for dinner, make dessert special with these homemade brandy snaps with or without brandy. They look so pretty and you can make them rolled like the picture or you can use a cone shaped roller or even make little baskets by draping the snap over a small dish.

Homemade Brandy Snaps With Or Without Brandy

Then when they have cooled and you are ready to fill them, you can fill with whipped cream or even pastry cream. You can make the cookie ahead of time and once cooled store them in an airtight container until you need them. Then when it is near time to serve them you will just need to add the filling. They can’t be filled ahead of time because the cream would melt the cookie if it sat for long.

I am sharing a recipe from Love Foodies. Their recipe doesn’t have brandy in it. I will also post a video from  Betty Bannerman Busciglio who shows how to make them with the small amount of brandy to give them flavor. These look so yummy. I think the cookies would be pretty tasty even without filling. I really want to try this recipe I just need to pick up some brandy first.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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