Homemade Crab Apple Onion Sage Jelly Recipe


     If you have crab apples this recipe for crab apple onion sage jelly will give you a way to use some of them up. Since crab apples have plenty of pectin you won’t need to use pectin to make this jelly. This recipe is not a jelly for toast type of recipe, it is a jelly that is good as a meat glaze or on crackers with cream cheese. It is an adult kind of jelly rather than one kids would like although they probably will like the meat that you glaze with it. Southern Forager shares the recipe for this jelly that you can water bath can and add to your pantry shelves.

         If you grow your own sage and onion as well as the crab apples you will only need to add sugar and vinegar to the recipe so it should be pretty economical to make and it is a great way to use the crab apples. For some reason foraged food makes one feel so accomplished. It takes a little more work that just going in a store and picking up a jar of jelly but at the same time I seriously doubt you will find crab apple onion sage jelly/meat glaze in any grocery store. Would make a one of a kind gift come Christmas.



Read more>>>>     http://southernforager.blogspot.com/2014/09/crab-apple-onion-sage-jelly.html



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