Raising LivestockHomemade Goat Hay Feeder Rack DIY Project

Homemade Goat Hay Feeder Rack DIY Project

A Homemade Goat Hay Feeder Rack DIY Project hay from re-purposed mostly free materials that is functional and effective that will help hay not be wasted.

Homemade Goat Hay Feeder Rack DIY Project - Frugal Homesteading

If you’re new to raising goats, you may not know that goats are terrible hay wasters.

Wooden pallets are one of the most popular sources of wood needed for DIY projects. Be sure to look for a stamp of “HT” meaning “Heat Treated”…instead of chemically treated.

The primary reason why pallet wood is preferred is that the wood is mostly uniform in size and usually made from good quality wood in the first place.

The DIY project was designed to introduce the reader to a great project that shows how to make a homemade feeder for livestock animals.

This Do It Yourself project was created and shared with the readers who are interested to learn about helpful tips for raising livestock.

This DIY project includes a complete list of all of the things that are needed to get started making the handmade hay feeder.

It also includes a step by step instructional guide that covers everything from start to finish.

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Melissa Francis
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