How To Freeze Carrots


If you have ever had a wealth of carrots that you could not get used up did you know how to freeze them so you didn’t end up loosing them? I have bought huge amounts of carrots when I found them on sale before and then after they were in the fridge for a while had to go into carrots at every meal so as not to lose any. Then I found how to freeze them from Domestic Wonder and I should have known that you need to blanch them before freezing. I freeze my over abundance of kale and it needs to be blanched first as well as many vegetables to stop enzyme action and preserve flavors and vitamin content. If you don’t blanch, along with color and vitamin loss you can end up with some pretty nasty textures when you thaw the veg. Next time you have carrots and would like to freeze them you will know to blanch and for how long after reading this article.


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