DIY ProjectsHow to Install a Steel Metal Roof on a House DIY Project

How to Install a Steel Metal Roof on a House DIY Project

This insightful tutorial of how to install a steel metal roof on a house diy project can help motivated people tackle this huge project with confidence. This do it yourself project was created so that any homeowner would be able to reap the many benefits of upgrading their roof to a steel type roof.

It will not only look spectacular, but the insurance industry recognizes that it helps to adds degree of protection which often equates to a reduction in insurance premiums.

How to Install a Steel Metal Roof on a House DIY Project

Steel roofs have been used on most all industrial and commercial buildings for many years. The benefits that comes with this type of roof has made it very popular. Now, this popularity is beginning to spread to the residential sector with several homeowners requesting it. Unfortunately, steel roofs come with a fairly high price tag, with many companies charging quite a bit of money to install them. This is where you can save a whole lot of money and do it yourself.

Tools and Materials needed:

circular saw fitted with a metal cutting blade
good hearing protection
offset tin snips (right cutting and left cutting)
cordless screw gun
25-foot tape measure
chalk line
straight edge
2-foot framing square
hand metal seamers (a 3-inch-wide jaw is fine)
hand folding tool that can bend 1 inch (Get one as wide as your panel if doing standing seam, a second folder about 12 inches is very helpful.)
caulking gun
pop rivet tool
pair of sawhorses and a few planks long enough to set your longest pieces on as a work table

Benefits of reading and following the How To Install A Steel Roof DIY Project

● The project includes a complete list of all of materials, supplies and tools necessary

● It also describes the steps you will need to follow in order to stall your own steel roof

● It explains everything in easy to read and understand way so that you will not have any trouble

● You will find several full color photos depicting a few of the stages of the project

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