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How to Make a Natural Firefly Lantern

This step by step tutorial of how to make a natural firefly lantern in a mason jar is something everyone (especially kids) should do once in their lifetime.

Are you looking for some fun activity to do with your friends during the summer days that is not only easy but also quite creative and fun? If yes, then we have a perfect idea for you: A natural firefly lantern!

Yes we are talking about real fireflies here! How cool is that? And trust us, it is the simplest and yet quite useful activity. It is really handy especially if you are outdoors on a hike or maybe camping and need some sort of light source then you can easily make one on your own with the help of just a few materials.

Even if you are not camping or staying outdoors in the summers, you can still make this at your home anytime and impress your friends with your unique firefly catching talent. You are about to get really popular among your peers if you try this out. (P.s: Make sure you don’t spill out the secret! Just kidding)

The process just requires three steps and hence anyone can do it. It is a fun and entertaining activity and a perfect thing to do on long summer nights.

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How to Make a Natural Firefly Lantern

Read on the step-by-step instructions below and master yourself in the art of creating a perfect firefly lantern.

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