Using Railroad Ties To Build A Shooting Range


Build your own shooting range with railroad ties.

If you have some property that is out and away from other people you may be able to build your own shooting range. This idea for building a range using old railroad ties looks like it would be a really sturdy and functional shooting range that would not cost a fortune if there is somewhere in your area to get the ties at a decent cost.  Mags shares how he built this one on his property for him and his kids to  practice on, it is on the 1911 forums. I like the way he built not only the shooting wall but the side walls to keep stray bullets from going anywhere. He also built the back wall as a double wall.

The first layer of ties are horizontal like the sides but the he put up another layer of vertical ties that are added with a bolt thru method which will allow for them to be replaced as needed without taking the whole thing apart. This provides a solid 14 inches of wood for the back wall of the shooting range.  Reading others comments will give you more ideas, like if allowed how you can use tires to build your range and that you should plant trees and try to have other things going on the reduce the sound of the shooting. They also talk about making your range into the side of a hill or using a bulldozer to create a berm for it.   If you are looking to build a shooting range you might find an idea that suits in this one.

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