How To Make A Pig Feeder With a Tire and Barrel


Producers and pig farmers encounter numerous challenges. Pig farms are probably much lesser these days than they used to be before the turn of the century. Many things happened, including feed costs, while the demands for animal protein and meat and pigs continue to grow.

Pig farmers are expected to produce more but they do so with fewer resources. Sadly, this is easier said than done.  It is the reason why pig farmers are left with no choice but to create new ways to make the most of what is available around them. Automatic pig feeders are among the solutions they came up with.

According to William Baker, it has been proven to boost the efficiency as even the tiniest improvements in operation is already a big bonus to any pig farmer.
There are several benefits associated with automatic pig feeders, and one of these is that pigs are going to be happier and healthier. This is because there is no need to individually confine them.

It gives pigs more freedom. They also get enough amounts of exercise and movement and they can also choose their preferred feed. As they can now freely choosing a feeding schedule that works for them, they will feel less stressed and anxious, thus reducing the chances of them acting aggressively.

Automatic pig feeders also encourage the possibility of managing more pigs but with lesser labor.
Homestead Lifestyle teaches you how to make your own tire and barrel pig feeder to facilitate easier, simpler, and more convenient feeding.