Make Your Own Goat Milking Stand


Learn how to make your own goat milking stand Nigerian Dwarf goats. This will make it so much easier to milk your goats.  The goats will be elevated for easy reach and the build helps keep them in place while you milk them. Here is what you need to get started.


More info on the length of the boards in the separate sections.

Screws or nails
Scrap piece of plywood
Sanding supplies, screw driver/hammer, jig saw, saw of some sort, and all of that good stuff
Hook for the closure on the stanchion

You can see all the plans and more pictures on the website. This diy project is from DIY Danielle. It is a nice tutorial and explains well what you need to do. Danielle tells us “This milking stand has an attached step and seat in the back. There is also an attached feeder.”