Garden BedsHow to Make a Reservoir Bin Container Garden

How to Make a Reservoir Bin Container Garden

This easy step by step tutorial of how to make a reservoir bin container garden helps save water by delivering the water right to the roots of the plant.

Backyard gardening has become very popular these days with more and more people looking to eat healthier. Another reason for people looking to grow their own fresh vegetables and fruit is due to questions about the safety of some of the food in today’s stores. Even when your local market claims their produce is organic, it seems there always seems to be questions about the veracity of the claims.

Raising your own fruits and vegetables from seeds gives a person a large measure of assurance that each piece of fruit and every vegetable that they feed their family is fresh and free from harmful pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. Backyard gardening is also very therapeutic. The daily maintenance of a garden is a great activity that keeps one moving which is very good for the heart.

Backyard gardening does not necessarily require much space, it can actually be accomplished on a patio.

Benefits of using Reservoir Bins for gardening

● Perfect fit for backyard gardening where space is limited
● Recycling of old, large plastic containers is really good for the environment
● Very simple to follow instructions with full color illustrations and pictures
● Supplies and tools are easy to acquire from a local hardware store

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How to Make a Reservoir Bin Container Garden
How to Make a Reservoir Bin Container Garden


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