Raising LivestockLearn The Age Of a Horse By Its Teeth

Learn The Age Of a Horse By Its Teeth

Learning the age of a horse by its teeth. Have you ever heard that expression “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”?  That is because you can determine a horses age by examining their teeth and gums. So the expression means, the horse was a gift so you should just be grateful and not be looking for any flaws. Well I suppose if someone gifts you a horse, manners would dictate that you gladly accept said gift horse and be happy no matter the age.

Learn The Age Of a Horse By Its Teeth

However if you are looking to buy a horse and you would like to know the age of a horse you are interested in buying then you might want to learn how to tell the age before handing over your hard-earned cash. This article from Equisearch will show you how to determine the age of a horse. They tell you what to look for on the tooth surface. Also there are signs on the outside edges of the teeth that can help. The angle of the teeth is another way to find the age of a horse.

The article gives us four methods to determine the age of the horse. They tell you all the signs to look for so you can figure out if your horse is a young one or a very old horse. I found this article interesting. I remember seeing in some of the old movies when a man would go to buy a horse he was always looking in the horse’s mouth and I have always wondered why. I mean was he looking for missing teeth? cavities? abuse from the bit? Now I know what they were looking for, they were aging the horse. Pretty neat.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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