Off GridLearning from Amish Homesteading Daily Life

Learning from Amish Homesteading Daily Life

Learning from Amish homesteading daily life may not be the answer to all your problems but adopting some of the principles of the Amish just might. While the Amish keep to themselves and have very little contact with people outside of their communities, there is a lot of information available about the way they live. Seeing that Amish families have for years lived simple lives and resisted the temptations found in society today.

Learning from Amish Homesteading Daily Life

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For many people who struggle through their lives probably could use some of the examples from the Amish.
These Amish values or actions may or may not blend into a modern homesteaders lifestyle but you may consider …..

putting God and community ahead of the individual;

a life of ‘goodness’, rather than a life of intellect

wisdom, rather than technical knowledge

community welfare, rather than competition

Avoiding consumerism by wearing uniform plain clothing

separation from, rather than integration with modern worldly society

non-resistance – seeking peaceful resolution to conflicts (that is a homesteaders choice but protecting your family and livestock is important)

they are pacifists and don’t serve in the military

guns are used only for hunting (I am a gun owner that trains for many reasons but I am very much English)

they don’t hold elective office, and usually don’t vote

they don’t own modern technology

never apply or accept any state benefits or use insurance

have their own education system

speak a German dialect among themselves

marry among their community

The Amish are first and foremost – self sufficient.

Benefits of reading and following the Learning From Amish Life Article

● You can learn a lot about how your can be enriched by following many examples of the Amish way of life

● It describes several aspects of how they live and how their beliefs drive the way the go about living their lives

● It talks about how there are some similarities to how homesteaders approach their daily lives

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Melissa Francis
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