Raising LivestockLet a Hen Hatch Your Quail Eggs and Teach The Babies To...

Let a Hen Hatch Your Quail Eggs and Teach The Babies To Forage

Interesting article for anyone that would like to raise quail. Let a hen hatch your quail eggs and teach the babies to forage. It seems that foraging has pretty much been bred out of quail yet if you let a broody hen hatch the eggs and give them a place to forage with the babies the baby quail can learn to forage and thus become free ranging and supplement their diet with protein from bugs and grubs and other insects and fresh plants.

Let a Hen Hatch Your Quail Eggs and Teach The Babies To Forage

The Holistic Hen shares a video and info on how they let their Ardenner chicken to train the quail because this breed is an excellent forager, systematically going over every inch of ground. They have them in greenhouses at first and once they are older they go outside some. After they are big enough that they quit listening to the hen they have a space to live in that is covered over top to keep them safe from predators.

I think it is so neat that while the quail that laid the eggs probably couldn’t teach the baby quail to find food on their own a chicken will not only hatch them but also teach them to feed themselves. That is pretty amazing.

Read more>>>>   http://holistic-hen.blogspot.com/2012/04/hatching-and-raising-quail-organically.html#.VvX08jE8l61

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
Raised in rural Montana and educated in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Development, Paige Raymond combines a practical mindset with a passion for self-reliance and sustainability. With expertise ranging from mechanical solutions and food preservation to emergency preparedness and renewable energy, Paige is a proud author with more than 5000 published articles.

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