HomesteadingHow To Live in Urban Camping Van Advice

How To Live in Urban Camping Van Advice

How To Live in Urban Camping Van Advice provide more helpful insight and tips for people living in their vehicles like where to park, shower, do laundry, cooking, finding computer wi-fi and food.

How To Live in Urban Camping Van Advice

Houses make a good shelter from the weather and other elements but here are numbers of people who find living in a car, van truck or camper van a frugal alternative to houses.

Here are a few tips for those who may find vehicle living an alternative house option:

* Cooking
If you have a camper van that’s well-equipped you are lucky but it is also not that hard to cook in a car or van. Remember to be extra careful with fire though, so it’s recommended to find a spot to cook outside your vehicle. You can buy cheap but safe stoves that run on fuel or butane.

* Food and Health
Food is a necessity. There is free food from charities and you can also buy cheap foods. Be extra careful with your health as it is so hard to be sick. Stay clean and exercise often.

* Entertainment
While it can be fun down the road, it can also get boring. You can listen to radio instead or pass time with books and reading materials. You can find free Wi-Fi options at different locations.

Living in a vehicle may be planned or unplanned but it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make your vehicle home a comfortable place for your dwelling.

Just because you live in a vehicle, it does not mean you are homeless, houseless maybe. But, home is where you feel secure and if you are surrounded with your loved ones, that essentially makes even a car, truck or camper van ……..home.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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