DIY ProjectsMake Camping Sleeping Hammock DIY Project

Make Camping Sleeping Hammock DIY Project

How to make a camping sleeping hammock diy project is detailed in this simple tutorial. The most important consideration for hammock material is strength because it has to hold up to one to two grown adults weight.

Make Camping Sleeping Hammock DIY Project

List of tools and materials needed for this project:

4 stainless steel metal rings

sewing machine


Sewing pins


matches or a lighter

pencil or marker

straight edge like a long spirit level

Tape measure

8 meters of rope

5 meters of 5 mm synthetic rope

ripstop nylon or polyester taffeta fabric

To make the perfect camping hammock, get the right fabric for it, which is usually either nylon or polyester. Get 4-5 meters of synthetic rope that will be the ridgeline to keep the hammock extended out; in addition, buy a non-elastic band of about 8 meters to use to tie the end of the hammocks to the trees or poles. To keep the hammock tightened and permitted to stretch and contrast, get 4 stainless steel metal rings about 4 millimeters so the band can fit through them. A sewing machine, sewing pins, thread scissors, a lighter, straight edge, pencil and tape measure will complete the list of things needed.

Now, comes the construction of the hammock. This is key: The fabric’s length should be precisely 3.38 meters long.Get the tape measure, the straight edge, the pencil, and scissors for marking and cutting the piece. Then, comes the sewing: folding the edge twice over itself so that the main edge is covered and keep them together with sewing pins. It will form a loop for the string to go through. Get a short rope through the loops at the ends and tie it and two rings together using a regular knot.After that, comes the tension string, which has to be 2.8 meters long. Melt the ends with the lighter.

Last, cut the long piece of band into two four-meter pieces and close the ends with the lighter to make a proper loop. The construction of the hammock is done; now comes the setup. Tie up one end to the tree about 5 feet off the ground with a strong knot in the band – not rope, because it will not hold it up as strong. Do the same with the other end. Test it out with something fair heavy before sitting on it to see if it is constructed properly and will hold on to the weight of a person.

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