soapsMake Coconut Oil TALLOW SOAP Recipe

Make Coconut Oil TALLOW SOAP Recipe

Simple how to make 2 TALLOW SOAP recipe uses the leftover fat from a butchered livestock animal from your homestead and coconut oil.

Make Homesteading TALLOW SOAP Recipe

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Homesteaders have found this rendered fat from cattle to be very essential when it comes to making soaps due to its cheap and plentiful nature. Tallow is often combined with other oils since it lacks a bit of cleaning power.

Tallow has proven to be an excellent choice for soap making for quite some time now. This soap does not turn into goop in the shower because it makes a very hard bar. It also produces a gentle lather and it’s very mild for the skin.


tallow or lard

pure lye

distilled water

coconut oil

One essential ingredient you will require to make this soap is lye. When working with lye, ensure the area is well-ventilated and ensure to always wear long sleeves, protective gloves, and eye gear.


– Use a pot over the stove or a crockpot to melt the tallow.

– Carefully measure the lye as soon as the fat is nearly all melted. Ensure to put on your safety gear.

– Measure water and carefully stir the lye into it. This should be done in a well-ventilated environment. Please ensure proper safety measures when handling the container because of the hotness of the water which is as a result of a chemical reaction between the water and the lye.

– Slowly stir the lye/water mixture with the melted tallow in the crockpot.

– When the mixture begins to hold its shape with a pudding-like consistency, you can start tracing.

– Set the crockpot to low and cook for about 45-60 minutes.

– Scoop or pour content into a mold once cooked and allow for 12-24 hours.

– After which, you can remove the solid soap from the bar.

– Allow for a dry time of about 1-2 weeks

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