DessertsMake Your Own Mochi Ice Cream Treats

Make Your Own Mochi Ice Cream Treats

Now that summer is here it is time for all the cold treats everyone enjoys in warm weather. Ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt and today you can learn how to make a Japanese ice cream treat call Mochi. Mochi ice cream treats are little balls of any flavor ice cream that are tucked inside Mochi. (Mochi is made with a pounded sweet rice flour) and it is becoming more popular in this country.

The usual flavors ar green tea or (matcha) and red bean but you can make any flavor you like. You can also make the traditional flavors by adding matcha powder to vanilla ice cream and stirring to combine and the red bean by buying a can of red bean paste and stirring some of it into vanilla ice cream. You will need to let it firm up in the freezer afterwards to make the balls for the treats.

Mochi ice cream is really good. The sticky mochi on the outside is sort of a marshmallowy texture and combined the ice cream on the inside make a delicious treat. I know one of my daughters loves anything Japanese and is going to be very happy to see this post so she can make some mochi ice cream. Give it a try it is really different and you just might like it.



Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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