The Many Ways Of Preserving Apples


Learn the many ways of preserving apples, this can be really useful if you go to pick apples in the fall or if you have your own apple tree. Apples are one of the most common fruits eaten by people. They also come in various varieties like the fresh green and dark red apples. Each type has its own unique taste and uses as well. Being such a common and healthy fruit, apples can be used in many recipes.

The Many Ways Of Preserving Apples

People like consuming apples in the form of fresh juices; sometimes mixed with other fruits, preparing apple pies, jams and jellies. Apple smoothies and milkshakes are a hit with people as well. If you are a cooking and eating enthusiast, then there is no limit to how you can use different fruits and vegetables to prepare unique and delicious recipes. Similar concept can be applied to apples. This post from Grow, Forage, Cook and Ferment, shows you 12 ways to preserve apples have been outlined.

These 12 different ways of using apples are not only delicious but intelligent way to use apples if you happen to have them in a large quantity. These include the very famous applesauce, apple jam and jelly, fermentation of apples, apple pectin, apple salsa or chutney and much more. This post is a heaven on earth if you are a fan of apples. Moreover, these preservation ways for apples are a must try if you have been growing apples in your backyard.


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