Old Fashioned Iron Bathtub To Outdoor Oven

Turn an old Fashioned Iron Bath Tub into an Outdoor Oven

Turn an old cast iron bath tub to outdoor oven. We know how great cast iron skillets maintain heat when cooking, so imagine a cast iron bath tub baking your food. One of the best parts of DIY projects is that many of them involve recycling or repurposing of old, discard objects. Many of these items would end up laying around for ions in landfills, junk yards or fields. This DIY project for example, introduces the reader to an idea that turns an old fashioned steel tub into a highly functional outdoor oven.

 Old Fashioned Iron BathTub To Outdoor Oven

This Do It Yourself Project is from Off Grid Quest. All of things that you will need to build it can easily found at almost any local supply or hardware store. Due to the complexity of this project it is highly recommended that you have advanced DIY ability to build it.

Discover how repurposing an old steel tub can be quite rewarding when you are done. The project includes a complete listing of all necessary materials, supplies and tools. It also includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide. You will also find numerous full color pictures which help to create a nice visual reference.


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