RecipesOrange Marmalade With Carrots, Ginger and Whiskey

Orange Marmalade With Carrots, Ginger and Whiskey

Make this delicious orange marmalade that is made with carrots, ginger and whiskey that is made without a canner. You end up with fours cups of the tastiest marmalade ever. In the Great Britain, marmalade is referred to as a fruit preserve prepared from the peel and juice of citrus fruits boiled in water and sugar. Several citrus fruits like grapefruits, mandarins, sweet oranges, kumquats, lemons and more are used to prepare this delicacy.

Orange Marmalade With Carrots, Ginger and Whiskey

Marmalade is widely used for breakfast and snack purposes. People enjoy it with bread or crackers and if you are innovative enough, you can incorporate it in several different ways. Leaving the Great Britain out, most of the other countries in Europe consider marmalade as to be the preserve of any given fruit. In Great Britain, marmalade is specifically known as the preserve of citrus fruits. Marmalade has quite the popularity given that it is famously known as a favorite of the Paddington bear who is a fictional character in children books. Paddington bear enjoyed marmalade in sandwiches.

The author of this post from Laura’s Mess also makes a similar reference. In the rest of the post, the author has described a recipe to prepare a delicious marmalade using whisky, carrots and ginger. It is a very interesting read aided with high quality images that feature the marmalade. The end product is quite appetizing given its beautiful color.

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Paige Raymond
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