DIY ProjectsPaint Bathroom Tile Floor Easy Frugal DIY Project

Paint Bathroom Tile Floor Easy Frugal DIY Project

This Paint Bathroom Tile Floor Easy Frugal DIY Project is a creative weekend task that can upgrade your bathroom (or even your kitchen) floor with a few simple steps.

Paint Bathroom Tile Floor Easy Frugal DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Remodeling

Before you do anything, clean your floor spotless by vacuuming, moping, and any other way. It has to sparkle without any dust or food crumbs. Then, using painters tape, tape the bottom of the baseboard or wall where the tile will be along. Next, paint along those same sides and along the grout lines; use an angled paint brush for one coat of paint (choose your color) and let it dry for about an hour. Then, with a foam roller, roll on the same paint all over tile and make sure to go over all the spaces. Dry for another hour and repeat until the floor is completely covered evenly.

Materials and Supplies:

– Chalk paint (Rust-Oleum brand works well)

–Polyurethane for sealant

–Foam roller and a few replacements

–Synthetic paint brush

–Painters tape

-Stencil (Click here to Buy) 

–Thin craft paint brush

Now, get your stencil to measure your tile. Start it with the tile’s corners and make sure its on straight and tape it down lightly with the painters tape. With a clean (or new) foam roller pad, roll the second color over the stencil to cover all areas and do so quickly because chalk paint does dry fast, but do so in small sections to avoid obvious roll marks. After that, remove the stencil and place on another tile, but notbesides an adjoining tile because you risk ruining the fresh paint that’s there.

Here comes the tricky part of moving the stencil and bending it so the paint can go across the tile and to the wall. It can be touched up later, but paint and let it dry for a couple of hours. Be very careful and detailed with your touchups so the mixed colors and shapes can be aligned. Let it finally dry overnight, put a few coats of poly acrylic over the tiles and let it dry again for a couple of hours, and remove the painting tape.

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Melissa Francis
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