RecipesPickled Vietnamese Vegetable Slaw

Pickled Vietnamese Vegetable Slaw

You are going to love this pickled Vietnamese vegetable slaw recipe to add to sandwiches, as a side dish or a snack. The combination of sugar, salt and vinegar creates a simple flavorful brine to marinate equally sliced vegetables into a wonderful pickled slaw. Try it on sandwich, hot dog, hamburgers, next to pork chops and crazily even on potato chips.

This recipe will last a little more than a week in your refrigerator but really after one bite I very much doubt it will last 2 days. Yeah, I am smiling as I am typing this because I have made this recipe myself and shared it with friends. One girlfriend just started eating it straight from the mason jar with a fork, ok – she is pregnant so we can all forgive her.

Jicama is becoming a more common vegetable in the United States. It has a neutral flavor that absorbs other flavorings easily.

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Pickled Vietnamese Vegetable Slaw
Pickled Vietnamese Vegetable Slaw

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