Plastic Buckets as Airtight Food Storage Containers

Plastic Buckets as Airtight Food Storage Containers

Plastic buckets as airtight food storage containers (food-grade buckets) are an important supplies for preserving the shelf-life of your food stockpile.

Plastic Buckets as Airtight Food Storage Containers

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To answer the question of what are the ultimate airtight containers, they are 5 gallon buckets. They are the right size for anything that is stored securely from oxygen and moisture that can damage goods or foods inside. When buying these containers, make sure they’re labeled as “food grade” for storing foods, and that they have a rubber sealed lid to keep the air out. Snap lids are the best at that, so you could hear the clicks to know the bucket is shut. When opening them, consider a special “wrench” because they are tough to open and it can be painful for your fingers.

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Another alternative kind of bucket is the Gamma Seal Lid. There is a rubber seal underneath, but the difference is it acts like a jar. It has to be screwed in all the way for airtightness. Glass Lock containers to stick foods in the refrigerator are also great and better than Tupperware.

Anything larger than five gallons is mainly good for liquids rather than foods because those massive barrels can easily change pressure if roughed up a bit because there is no rubber seal underneath them.

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Within the container, have oxygen absorbers like silica jells, which can be found in new shoes and clothing when bought. We just throw them away after opening, but they can be reused.
Bottom line: contain and store your goods and foods properly and perfectly for the long haul.

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