Wild Food ForagingHow to Prepare Edible Wood Tree Bark Recipe

How to Prepare Edible Wood Tree Bark Recipe

How to prepare edible wood tree bark recipe is detailed in this step by step process. This article is all about how to remove and prepare edible tree bark without doing harm to the tree.

How to Prepare Edible Wood Tree Bark Recipe

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Eating bark may sound like something terrible. It sounds like something you would only want to do out of desperation or in a survival situation. However, you would be surprised that bark can be nutritious and delicious. It can be foraged any time of the year, even in places with harsher winters. It is important to point out that bark has a history of been used as food. It is a classic human meal that has gradually become a must-have in periods of food scarcity (during survival).

Adirondack, a region in New York State, translates as “bark eater.” Adirondack was the name the Mohawks gave the Algonquins who resided in that region. The Nez Perce also made use of bark, not just as survival meal, but also as a food of choice. Bark is the traditional meal in a host of Scandinavian cultures. In Finland, the inhabitants of the Lapland, are known to bake bread using ground tree bark in cruel winter months. While several Native American tribes use bark as a dietary supplement.

Some popular favorite sources of bark include aspen, birch, maple, willow, and pine—trees (which are common in cities as well as forests). Not all tree bark is edible, so you will need to experiment with the flora in your neighborhood. Knowing how unique bark is, how do you prepare it or harvest it off the tree without causing any harm? Here is how to make edible bark without doing harm to the tree.

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