RecipesPreserve Peppers With Vinegar And Salt Recipe

Preserve Peppers With Vinegar And Salt Recipe

This method of how to Preserve Peppers With Vinegar And Salt Recipe is simple and just genius …. with a delicious result Refrigerator Peppers. They will disappear quickier than ice on a sidewalk on a hot day in July.

Preserve Peppers With Vinegar And Salt Recipe - Food Storage - Homesteading

For most pepper lovers, the best way to always have fresh peppers is to grow your own peppers. Homegrown peppers are far better than regular-sized sweet peppers as you can grow a whole lot of them without much effort. However, the major dilemma is to store them.

Once you start growing your own peppers, you end up having bags full of colorful peppers that you try keeping in the fridge but eventually run out of space. The best way is to preserve these in vinegar and salt. You need to start by washing your vegetables and cutting off the stem. Then, you need to make a little cut at the bottom half of the pepper, enough for salt and vinegar to get inside easily.

Equal amounts of our red, yellow, and orange Lunchbox snack peppers. These beautiful, mini-sized peppers are remarkably sweet and flavorful.

You can then fill a jar with these peppers, leaving a headroom of one inch. Now, you need to take one garlic clove, crush it and put it on the top. Then, add some dill if you have it. Next, you need to add about half to one cup of vinegar. Then, boil some water and add one teaspoon of salt to every cup of water and fill the jug. Then, push the peppers in or put some canning weight on the top to keep peppers submerged in liquid. Lastly, shake the jar and keep it in room temperature for next five days.

Once the peppers start changing their color, they are ready to eat. Enjoy!

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