SewingKitty Cat Hat Made From a Sweater Project

Kitty Cat Hat Made From a Sweater Project

This kitty cat hat made from a sweater project is simple and playful.

If you love cats and wacky hats, you would find this DIY project very useful. You can use the design for yourself, or turn it into a kid’s hat if that is something more appealing to you.

Kitty Cat Hat Made From a Sweater Project

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This homemade kitty cat made from sweater sewing DIY project is very easy to carry out. You can make it into button eyes, embroidered mouth or appliqué nose. You can mix up these techniques and make the hat anyway your choose.

You can design your own kitty cat themed fuzzy and warm homemade hat with the following materials like a cutting mat, circular fleece cutting tool, sewing machine with two different settings, three different colors of thread, medium weight fabric sewing machine needle, scissors, serger (not really compulsory, but it makes things quicker), a dozen pins and one measuring tape.

Because this DIY project is easy to carry out it will take no more than 2 hours, or even less.

After gathering the materials, all you need to do is to print and cut all the pattern pieces (it is that easy). The only piece that isn’t of full size is the dome of the hat. However, there are instructions in the tutorial here the explains the pattern image for making the hat into your size. Make your kitty cat hat by following the DIY tutorial below.

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