FlowersPropagating Lilac Bushes

Propagating Lilac Bushes

    If you have a lilac bush or access to one and would like to make more lilac bushes for free instead of paying a  good price for, this article will tell you how to propagate the lilac bush by taking cuttings. Lilacs have little off shoots that come up at the base of the bush and this is where you will go to get your cuttings to make new lilac bushes. Modern Housewife shares the instructions to propagate the lilac bush and state that after you have taken the cutting and put it into either soil in ground or in a container the new start will begin to look as it if is not doing well and you may begin to think it is just going to die.

Propagating Lilac Bushes

This happens because instead of the plant sending all its resources to grow up and produce flowers it will spend time first sending all resources to the roots so that it can establish its self . Once it has a good root base it will then go back to growing bigger so it can produce its flowers. This is a free way to have more lilac bushes for free. I love the smell of lilac bushes and in spring when they are all blooming the air smells so wonderful. If you already have all the lilacs you want and they are blooming you might like to try making some Lilac Wine or some Delicious Lilac Syrup. Its a nice bonus that something that smells so heavenly can also be used to make foods and drink.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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