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Seasonal Allergies Home Remedies to Relieve Allergy Symptoms will give you soothing relief that will eliminate or minimize your symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies Home Remedies to Relieve Allergy Symptoms - The Homestead Survival - Natural Remedies

Millions and millions of people suffer from the symptoms of seasonal allergies on a daily basis. Many of them frequently take over the counter medications or even prescription drugs prescribed by their doctor to combat the symptoms. This article was designed to introduce the reader to some practical homemade remedies that can be used to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies — also called hay fever and allergic rhinitis — can make you miserable.

Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies:


Ear congestion

Runny or stuffy nose

Watery and itchy eyes

Postnasal drainage

Itchy sinuses, throat, or ear canals

The sneezing, congestion, and runny nose — have something to do with the recent weather change. If he gets similar symptoms at the same time every year, you’re likely right: seasonal allergies are at work.

The author is very knowledgeable about homemade remedies and was looking to help others who have been living with them and probably using the over the counter medications.

In the article the reader will find five helpful, all-natural remedies for the typical symptoms related to seasonal allergies.

The recipes include a listing of all the ingredients and an easy to follow preparation guide that covers everything from start to finish.

To reduce your exposure to the things that trigger your allergy signs and symptoms (allergens):

* Stay indoors on dry, windy days. The best time to go outside is after a good rain, which helps clear pollen from the air.

* Delegate lawn mowing, weed pulling and other gardening chores that stir up allergens.

* Remove clothes you’ve worn outside and shower to rinse pollen from your skin and hair.

* Don’t hang laundry outside — pollen can stick to sheets and towels.

* Wear a pollen mask if you do outside chores.

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