SewingSew Blue Jean Rag Quilt Craft Project

Sew Blue Jean Rag Quilt Craft Project

How to Sew Blue Jean Rag Quilt Craft Project is a great way to repurpose old jeans that your family is done using or just super cheap jeans you pick up at yard sales. I can get jeans for 50 cents sometimes, on occasion even free on the last day of the sale. They would rather you take the leftovers instead of having to pack them up.

Sew Blue Jean Rag Quilt Craft Project

If there is a pair of old blue jeans that are too big or too tight and are now just worth out, then they should be converted into something useful.

Blue jean quilts are warm, rugged and warm so they should be something that can keep us warm on those cold nights. The material can be made into a quilt for the beach, park, or lay on the couch as the ever handy blanket to curl up in.

Look at the pair of jeans chosen and see if they fit the bill in terms of useable fabric. With two pairs, get to work with it.

1. To start, get a pair of scissors and begin to cut the jeans into squares. It can be in any size; the only thing is that they all must be the same size. A recommended good size is six inches and about 100 squares cut up for the quilt.

2. Take each piece a square and lay it on top of each other; sew the two squares with an X style and do this with every square.

3. Now, start sewing eachsquare in multiple rows, 9-10 squares per row.

4. Each square should be sown together with a 5/8-inch seam line to contain the rough edges from the jean cut. Sow two rows and stick a pin between them and repeat with each row, which should alter between the different kinds of jeans used. That is 10 rows of 10 squares, or 11 rows of 9 squares.

5. Afterwards, the rough seams should be cut off carefully to smooth out the quilt’s edges.

6. Once that is done, put the newly made quilt inside the washer and dryer to create a ragged look; cut off any loosen yarns.

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