SewingSew Warm Hooded Cloak Coat Craft Project

Sew Warm Hooded Cloak Coat Craft Project

How to Sew Warm Hooded Cloak Coat Craft Project is detailed in this simple step by step tutorial.

Sew Warm Hooded Cloak Coat Craft Project

Love cloaks?They are wonderful, indeed. These two are made forthe casual and elegant moments, sewn on simply like a raincoat. We can buy them at any clothing store, but we can also make them at home as part of a costume, a dress, or simply to stay warm on those cold nights. You ever seen those shows or movies with a princess, like Beauty And The Beast? Notice they always wear these dresses with capes at the end? Why don’t you have one yourself?Here’s what is needed to build their own cape or cloak: a sewing machine, any piece of fabric – 3 to 5 yards of it, and a button/cord.

I consider myself a “costume” sewer. I don’t know all the fancy lingo. I can follow a pattern, but I usually don’t.

Sewing machine and basic sewing skills. (you’ll need to sew 3 straight lines, a slightly curved hood line and do a little gathering)

Fabric of choice (I used 3 yards of fabric for Belle’s cape…but 5 for my RED Riding Hood cape)

Some type of cape clasp or button and cord.

Let’s talk fabric: If you get fabric that frays, you’ll need to do hemming on the edges to finish it off…like the robes I did.
If you pick out something that doesn’t fray, you don’t even need to hem those edges! Imagine how warm you’d be in a fleece cape!

First, fold the fabric in half and use the bottom’s width to cut up towards the top. Cut two pieces and slice along the edge; cut one other piece along the folded line; for the cape, create three more pieces. From the neck’s bottom to the ground, measure the length. Get those three pieces and stitch up the crosswise lines into two straightened sutures. Sew the pointed edges to the same three pieces composed and round out the bottom to edge it.
Trace the hood to make itextravagant. Sew and flip it to the right and outward. Finally, sew the hood’s neckto the cape. Once that is done, wear the hood to knowit fits well with space before stitching it on the cape. Pins are just as good to mark the space of the sewing on its side. Finally, if there is an extra accessory to be added on, just locate and sow on.

Winter cloaks should be made from Wool or Polar Fleece. Heavy coat-weight wool is usually a melton, a type of felted wool that is soft, very warm,
Other fabrics can be used to make cloaks, as long as they aren’t stretchy. We often use a washable cotton velvet.

Summer weight cloaks can be made from wide cotton, rayon, linen, or polyester-blend fabric. Well, I made mine out of a heavy cotton twill, with a flannel lining. It’s warm enough for about mid fifties….maybe lower.

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