ChickensStop Rooster Aggressive Attacks - Defense Against Chickens

Stop Rooster Aggressive Attacks – Defense Against Chickens

This Stop Rooster Aggressive Attacks – Defense Against Chickens article is all about understanding why, what and how of dealing with combative leader of the flock social hierarchy. It is all about stopping a rooster from drawing your blood because they (rooster) view you as a challenge or threat. He will protect his girls.

Stop Rooster Aggressive Attacks - Defense Against Chickens

Roosters are the dominant birds in a farm, known for its distinguishable call at any time of the day. They sit on the high perch watching over the rest and will come down if he sees anything that is threatening its territory. The threat does not have to be only animal. It can also be human and will use its screech crowing and strong beak to make his point across. It is no surprise that they attack people and why you should keep children away from them. The number one answer would be to shoot it, but it has too many pros over cons of keeping it around.

Roosters are wild, dominant creatures that need to be tamed and be shown that the human owners are the real leaders. Keeping them at a distance with a long PVC pipe as a tamer can help. If you are raising them young, you can train them to a key word to listen to and they will stay away as commanded. Sometimes, they have to let loose in the wild during the day and it can tire them. Keep them inside all day and the roosters will be restless.

It is too easy to just kill them. Of course, if there is a threshold beyond your control, you may have no choice. But you don’t have to do that on first attack. Roosters, for many, have a religious meaning and not just making eggs. They have a purpose on many farms.

A rooster demeanor is partly shaped by how it is treated but ingrained personality traits sometimes are just part of the individual traits.

When it comes to tameness: Faverolles, Barred Rocks, Orpingtons, Cochins, Brahmas, Isa Browns, Australorps, Sussex, New Hampshire Red and Silkie are great choices for calmness. But there is no way to guarantee the behavior of any single chicken (male or female) because a lot depends on their individual personalities.

Gently handle the new additions – having regular contact with the chickens makes them used to being petted and touched.

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